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Structure and Statutes

During the second funding phase, the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 948 is investigating its topic in sixteen project groups. In addition, a handbook is being developed that brings together the SFB's research results.

Two additional programmes advance the goals and objectives of the SFB. The Forum offers a platform for the discussion and sharing of results through conferences and collaboration with external experts (such as visiting scholars and research partners). The use of both heterogeneous and subject-specific research methods deepens the SFB's essential theoretical foundations, conclusions and perspectives. The Integrated Research Training Group (IGK) offers early career researchers further interdisciplinary perspectives. The programme is structured but also flexible, providing the researchers with tailored support during their doctorates.

Each project comprises a small work group, enabling direct communication and productive discussion among the students. As a result, the SFB achieves its structural goal of sustaining interdisciplinary cultural and humanities research in a collaborative research centre of a manageable size within the University of Freiburg.

Download the Collaborative Research Centre 948's statutes here (German only).