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Project S4

Aesthetics of Affect


Prof. Dr. Andreas Gelz
Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte
Prof. (apl.) Dr. Stefanie Lethbridge
Prof. Dr. Stefan Tilg
Prof. Dr. Ralf von den Hoff
Dr. Tobias Schlechtriemen

Department of Romance Languages and Literature
English Department
Department of Classical Philology
Department of Archaeology: Classical Archaeology
Institute of Sociology

Associated Members :

Prof. Dr. Achim Aurnhammer
German Department

Prof. Dr. Thomas Seedorf
University of Music, Karlsruhe:  Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology

This project continues the work of the first two funding periods of the SFB, taking up and intensifying the research on the depictions of heroic figures and their strongly affective appeal. The “Aesthetics of Affect” explores the interplay of aesthetic arrangements of the heroic and social formations in order to understand their role in the negotiation and (re)shaping of social relations from antiquity to the present day.